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2010 Candidate Support

For the 2010 elections, we were very pleased to have made our distributions in support of candidates as listed below.  Membership fees, the support of our events, and direct contributions to the Lincoln Club Political Committee and/or Small Donor Committee enable this support of candidates.


Our goal in selecting candidates was simple: to support fiscally conservative Republican candidates in close races where our contribution could make the difference.  Since we needed just 4 Senate seats and 6 House seats to give us back control of the Colorado General Assembly, we were focused on those races which would achieve that majority.


Our 2010 Political Action Committee was chaired by Bill Imig, and included Sandy Adams, Alex Hornaday, Ramey Johnson, Amanda Mountjoy, Karen Schneider and John Zakhem. The recommendations were submitted to and approved by the full Board of Directors.




SOS Scott Gessler $500
SD5 Robert Rankin $400
SD6 Ellen Roberts $400
SD11 Owen Hill $400
SD16 Tim Leonard $200
HD1 Danny Stroud $400
HD17 Mark Barker $400
HD22 Ken Summers $100
HD23 Edgar Johansson $400
HD27 Libby Szabo $400
HD29 Robert Ramirez $400
HD30 Kevin Priola $400
HD33 Donald Beezley $400
HD34 Brian Vande Krol $400
HD38 Kathleen Conti $400
HD47 Keith Swerdferger $400
HD48 Glenn Vaad $100
HD50 Bob Boswell $400
HD51 Brian DelGrosso $400
HD56 Debra Irvine $400
HD59 J. Paul Brown $400
HD61 Luke Korkowski $400




SOS Scott Gessler $300
SD6 Ellen Roberts $2000
SD11 Owen Hill $2000
HD1 Danny Stroud $100
HD3 Christine Mastin $100
HD17 Mark Barker $1000
HD27 Libby Szabo $1000
HD29 Robert Ramirez $1000
HD30 Kevin Priola $1000
HD33 Donald Beezley $1000
HD43 Frank McNulty $500
HD59 J. Paul Brown $2000


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