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What is the Lincoln Club? 

The Lincoln Club of Colorado is Colorado's oldest Republican organization.  Based on the humanitarian principles of President Abraham Lincoln and founded in 1918, the club's mission has always been to promote the educational and social programs of the Republican Party and to support the election of Republican candidates.


Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican President of the United States, led our nation through years of bitter civil war.  Uniting and organizing America's freedom-loving people is as necessary for survival today as it was then. The Lincoln Club of Colorado exists to promote Republican ideals by sponsoring and fostering companionship among members.


We believe that by gathering often in common purpose, the strength of this organization will grow and the prosperous message of Republican principles will flourish.  We believe that America will remain strong as long as all citizens are free to develop their own unique potential.


We invite you to join us.

The Lincoln Club of Colorado
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