The Lincoln Club of Colorado

RSVP HERE for an afternoon of Old Fashioned fun, food, fellowship, and greeting candidates! Event will run from 11am to 3pm, with grilled burgers and dogs from noon to 2. There will also be a silent auction featuring summer desserts.  If you want to contribute a dessert or otherwise volunteer as a Lincoln Club member, please email


Co-sponsored by the Douglas County Republican Women and the Lincoln Club of Colorado, and hosted at The Wiens Ranch 

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 The Lincoln Club of Colorado is the Original Republican Club in the state, with a proud tradition based on the humanitarian principles and leadership of President Abraham Lincoln.  Formed in 1918, the Club hosts educational and entertaining events with all proceeds donated to GOP candidates.

The Lincoln Club of Colorado
Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C.





The Lincoln Club of Colorado
Ranch at the foot of the San Juan mountain range in southern Colorado.