Candidate Support 2020

The Lincoln Club of Colorado is pleased to announce the following contributions made to Republican Candidates in Colorado in the 2020 election cycle.  Membership fees, event fees, and direct contributions to the Lincoln Club Political Committee and/or Small Donor Committee enable this financial support of candidates.  

HD38   Representative  Richard Champion    $400
HD37    Caroline Cornell    $400
DA 1      Matthew Durkin    $1,400
SD19     Lynn Gerber    $2,750
DA18    John Kellner    $1,400
SD23    Barbara Kirkmeyer    $400
DA 17   Timothy McCormack    $1,400
CD6 Regent   Richard Murray    $400
SD25    Senator Kevin Priola    $2,750
HD27   Vicki Pyne    $2,750
SD8       Senator Bob  Rankin    $2,750
HD25   Don Rosier    $2,750
SD26    Bob Roth    $400
SD35    Cleave Simpson    $400
SD27    Susanne Staiert    $2,750
HD43   Representative Van Winkle    $400

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